Team Building

Team Building Activities


Whether you want to improve skills or build relationships, you will find a variety of engaging team building opportunities at Saddlebrook. Just tell us what you want to accomplish and Saddlebrook's staff professional, Dr. Nick Hall, will work with you to design activities that parallel your meeting theme while staying within your preferred budget and format. In addition to our meeting facilities in Tampa Bay, Saddlebrook features a five-acre Executive Challenge ropes course, interactive culinary experiences and additional group activities across the resort. We are also happy to arrange corporate golf and/or tennis tournaments, as well as clinics with our world-class instructors.

Ropes Course

Saddlebrook's Executive Challenge Course is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ropes courses in the country. This engaging five-acre course is utilized by some of the most successful corporations in America, along with law enforcement and military organizations, adventure racing teams and families. Participants are on an even playing field as they have to think outside the box and trust in the judgment of others in order to succeed. The exhilaration of shared success combined with the spirit of camaraderie lasts long after the experience is over.

The Executive Challenge Course offers both low and high ropes initiatives set within a secluded tract of woods. The specific initiatives are chosen by Dr. Hall, based on your company's objectives and schedule. All elements are designed to foster teamwork and include problem-solving exercises as well as game-based activities to ensure attendees can participate regardless of their fitness level.

Build-A-Boat & Hope-It-Floats Regatta

Your team's challenge is to design and build a boat made entirely of cardboard and duct tape. This interactive and fun project facilitates team building in a dynamic setting. Competition is downplayed and getting people involved is the primary focus, as each group is provided with the materials, tools and challenge to build a 'floating device'. After the boats are completed, it's off to the Superpool to test their cardboard inventions in this fun-filled regatta. In keeping with the spirit of the event, prizes can be awarded if you desire.


Your group is divided into teams and tasked with designing and building a car that will race against their opponent's vehicular creations. After the cars are complete, it's off to the races to test their inventions in the Saddlebrook Resort Road Review!

'Not Necessarily Official' Olympics

Aim for glory with these outrageously funny games designed to provide a fun way for conference attendees to warm-up to one another and become stronger team members. Select traditional team building challenges like The Boardwalk Relay, Chariot Races or Team Cheer; or go for something outrageous like The Super Duper Sling Shot, Anything Goes Relay or Pie Diving to promote camaraderie. Your customized Olympics will include a decorated playing area, recreation facilitators, supplies and equipment and all the team spirit you can muster. Please inquire about the full list of games available for this event.


Meet Dr. Nick Hall, Noted Speaker & Team Building Leader


Nick Hall, Ph.D. is a medical scientist and professional speaker who has conducted groundbreaking studies linking the mind and body for over 20 years. This research has been published in over 150 periodicals and featured by the national and international media, including CBS' 60 Minutes, the BBC's Nova series, and the Emmy Award-winning program Healing and the Mind, aired by PBS. He also has been the recipient of two prestigious Research Scientist Development Awards, which the National Institutes of Health grants only to the top scientists in the United with full kitchens and comforts for conference attendees, sports enthusiasts and families planning a Florida vacation.

Dr. Hall is also no stranger to the more pragmatic aspects of dealing with stress and with making difficult choices. After earning his way through college wrestling alligators and milking rattlesnakes, he worked as an intelligence-operative for the U.S. Government. He also led a National Geographic-sponsored expedition to the West Indies, where he studied mass-stranding behavior in whales. Most recently, he completed WaterTribe's Ultimate Florida Challenge in a sea-kayak. This 1,200 mile nautical race, which included a 40 mile portage, has been described by the Times of London as "the most dangerous small boat race in the world". At Saddlebrook, Dr. Hall presents keynotes, leads seminars and designs team building activities that help attendees better handle stress, improve their health and achieve performance driven goals.